Slow Rolling into Fall

Temps on the dash thermometer are still going to clock in north of 90 degrees before this week is through, but we’ll also likely see lows in the 40s by Saturday. Go figure. It’s a seasonal transition week here in the Delaware Valley. In addition to temperatures falling throughout the Main Line, so are leaves. We have not had a whole lot of rain over the past couple weeks. If this fall is like some others in recent memory, we will get a good cool rain and all of the leaves will come down and all of the oil and grime on the roads will come up. When this happens at the same time, it tends to get pretty busy in our offices. So, we would just caution folks to take it easy as we move into Autumn. We are still a month or so out until we hit peak rutting season for whitetail deer, but we have already begun to see the first increased traffic through the door as a result of deer strike.

If you are concerned about your vehicle’s ability to safely stop, you should have a professional check out your brakes and tire tread depth. Ensuring that these are in functioning order will improve your chances of avoiding a collision in most weather conditions.

As always, we wish you happy motoring and if you should have an unplanned meeting with a deer or another vehicle this fall season, do not hesitate to give us a call.