How much does auto body work cost?

When it comes to getting your car repaired after a collision, the first concern for many is, "How much will this cost?" And we get it. You've read everything you could read online about a body shop, but it's time to get down to brass tacks. So, how much does auto body work cost? Surprise, it depends! Here's why.

According to, it could be between $100 to $1,000 to replace a bumper, and that's only the replacement. The cost fluctuates because it depends on things like the year, make and model, the material, and type of part. For example, bumpers for luxury vehicles, SUVs, and trucks could cost more. Steel chrome-plated bumpers may cost less than a carbon fiber bumper. And OEM parts are usually more expensive than aftermarket or used parts. If you need more than a replacement, installation and painting could add between $200 to $600 (or more). These costs depend on things like the shop's labor rate and the quality of paint.

Altogether, the cost to repair a bumper could cost between $300 to $1,600 ...or more! We know, not exactly the most helpful answer. That whole example is to say that you'll be hard pressed to find an accurate quote through a Google Search. To find out how much body work will cost for your car, you need to get an estimate from a local shop.

Getting an estimate is the first step on the road to repairing your vehicle after an accident. We recommend getting at least three estimates to compare and help you choose the best body shop. At Conestoga Collision, our estimates take place on-site and in as little as 15 minutes!

How To Get A Collision Estimate

  1. You bring your car to us at Conestoga Collision. (Get directions to 961 Lancaster Ave., Berwyn, PA 19312)
  2. Max, Tom, or Francis will get your name, vehicle and contact information to start the estimate.
  3. They will then take a look at the damage and take a lot of photos, you're free to join them on their walk-through!
  4. That's it! You're free to leave. We'll email the finished estimate to you.
  5. In-person or over the phone we'll walk you through your estimate and what the needed repairs are. Whether or not it's your first collision, auto body repair is complicated, and it's a good thing we like to talk about it. So ask us all your questions, we're always happy to answer them!

It's important to note that this estimate is a "Sight Estimate." It's only the first, if not "Step 0" of our Repair Process. At this stage, we're limited to what we can see and feel without disassembly. We can only estimate repair costs for the parts and labor to repair what we can see. For small dents, dings, and scratches, This means that there may be more damage, and more costs, once we disassemble the vehicle.

These days, collision repair isn't just structural. We're also repairing mechanical and electric systems like your Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). These are the electronic systems that help you drive and park. If we had X-Ray vision, we could account for any mechanical and electric damage in your estimate ...but we unfortunately don't have that ability. We will, however, communicate as clearly as possible when we suspect any "hidden" damage.

Conestoga Collision Provides Free, On-Site Auto Body Estimates



How Hidden Damage Affects Your Estimate

If hidden damage is discovered, the cost to repair will increase (duh). But during a Sight Estimate, we won't be able to tell you by how much. If we suspect hidden damage we'll discuss possible costs, but nothing is certain until we disassemble. We don't disassemble or "tear-down" until we have a signed Customer Contract from you.

Once we've have a signed Customer Contract from you, we'll also be able to perform a battery of diagnostic tests and scans. Some happen before disassembly, some happen after! It's like getting a full workup at the hospital after a bad fall. Sure, we can see how we'd need to stitch you up on the outside, but who's to say what happened on the inside? These scans and tests will help us determine if there is any electric or mechanical damage. If found, we put together a supplement, or revision, to your initial estimate. You will have the chance to approve or deny the supplement before any extra repairs are made.

Frequently Asked Questions About Estimating

At Conestoga Collision, our on-site estimates are free!

It takes about 15 minutes for our team to gather everything they need to build your estimate. You'll then be free to leave and we'll email you the written estimate that same day or by the next business day.

Yes! You can make an appointment here or by calling us at 610-644-1000.

We know how frustrating and inconvenient it can be to wait which is why we've switched to appointment-only estimates.

At Conestoga Collision we do not do online estimates.

Look, we'll be the first shop in the area to embrace new technology. But none so far has been a match for the trained eyes, and hands, of our team. Though we understand that you may "just need a rough number." We find that online estimates do a disservice to both parties when we are unable to accurately assess the damage.

Though sometimes the distance is just too much for an estimate. We appreciate the commitment of our long-distance customers! If you're set on working with professionals that surpass your expectation, please call us at (610) 644-1000. We will work with you to find a win-win solution.

At Conestoga Collision we do not do tear-down estimates.

If you are concerned with the possibility of needing a supplement, we want to reassure you of our confidence in suspecting any hidden damage during the initial sight estimate. We'll be forward and open about any potential of needing a supplement so you can consider those costs.

No, we do not match other shop's estimates. We've valued our services according to the equipment, training and experience we specifically have to offer.