Paintless Dent

Conestoga Collision is proud to provide paintless dent services to our clients for minor door dings and dents. The type of damage that might be fixed using the paintless dent process would generally be smaller damage where the paint was unaffected. For instance, damage resulting from light hail or an acorn dropping on a hood or roof can be realistic candidates for paintless dent repair. Door dings and parking lot dents are often fixed by paintless dent repair. Why? The simple answer is that a direct, low-velocity event is likely not to produce any paint damage. Furthermore, smaller dents, tend not to span over multiple parts or panels of a vehicle’s exterior. As soon as the damage spans multiple parts or results in scrapes or missing paint, paintless dent as a repair option ceases to be the best way forward.   However, when our professionals determine that damage is a good candidate for paint less dent repair, this process proves to be far less expensive than more comprehensive forms of collision and dent repair.

Getting it Right

With decades of experience in the industry, Conestoga Collision’s team of estimators, body repair specialists and paint techs have the tools and expertise to determine the best solution for any dent or collision damage. What’s more is that we have the capacity to deliver that solution every time we bring a vehicle into our facility. While every damaged vehicle that passes through our lot may not be a good fit for paintless dent repair, those that are end up benefitting from our ability to deliver low-cost great looking repairs using this technique. Pros to employing paintless dent repair include:

Cost Savings – Paintless Dent Repairs can often be completed at a fraction of the expense of traditional body and paint work.

Maintaining Original Paint and Clear Coat – There is no sense in charging a client to fix something that does not require a solution. That would be bad business. If the paint is intact, and we can work the dent out (or “pop the dent”), then it is a huge win all around!

Preventing Vehicle Value Loss – Your dented vehicle is not as valuable as it was prior to damage. Removing the dent at a low cost helps you to get the best price for your car, truck or SUV when you go to sell or trade it in!


Determining if a Dent can be Fixed through Paintless Dent Repair

Professionals in our industry often reference (light) hail damage, parking lot dings and even damage from baseballs at a Little League game as the most common causes of dents that can be repaired via the paintless dent technique. These dents tend to have similar attributes.

  • Dents show no detectable damage to paint or clear coat
  • Dents are not severe, but rather they are shallow and often shaped like a circle or oval.
  • A single dent does not span over multiple parts of the vehicle. For example, dents that exist over the corner of a panel would very rarely see repair through the paintless dent removal method.

Ready for Anything

One of the most common reasons why customers choose Conestoga Collision for dent and auto body repair is that our team is ready for anything. We are equipped and poised to handle all types of repairs using countless tools and methods. While we have options to meet budgets, we are never going to sacrifice repair quality or the safety of our customers or their passengers. If this is what you are searching for in a body shop around Chester County or the Main Line, then you don’t need to search any further. Call today to learn more about our paintless dent and other repair options.

We are happy to employ paintless dent repair on a case by case basis. Not every case of damage ends up being a qualified candidate for this process but we are more than willing to explore it with you during the estimate process for appropriate dents and dings.