Paintless Dent Repair Can Save Time and Money

Here at Conestoga Collision we have spent a lot of time and money on expanding training and certification opportunities for all of our staff. From factory-backed certification courses to the latest in technology from industry leading manufacturers of our most advanced equipment, we are dedicated to ensuring that our shop is on the leading edge of what the industry has to offer so that we can best serve the Main Line. Ultimately, all of this is in an effort to ensure that all repairs that are made at our shop are done with your safety and factory correctness in mind.

With all of those space age gizmos and lasers at our disposal, why then would we still continue to do paintless dent repair? For that matter, what is paintless dent repair? So, for starters, not all dents qualify for paintless dent repair. If your vehicle has a dent that has no damage to the paint or finish, that is a good sign. If the damage is limited to one metal part or panel, that too is a good sign. In such cases, we may be in a position to get tools on the rear of the dent as well as on the front and massage or pop out the dent. This takes some skill and artistry, but given that it takes less time and resources than other, more comprehensive forms of repair, it often comes with a lower price tag for drivers. And, that is fine by us. We will always consider his type of repair as long as it does not limit quality or safety.

If you think that your vehicle may have some dents that would be good candidates for paintless dent repair, give us a call today to schedule an estimate. All cases are different, so we do need to see the vehicle in person to determine if paintless dent repair is an option