Pedestrian Deaths Up Nationwide, Down in PA

According to a recent article in the Boston Globe, a study from the Governors Highway Safety Association reports that pedestrian deaths are up significantly nationwide, though down here in Pennsylvania. It would appear as though some of the usual suspects are to blame for the jump in pedestrian fatalities. Cell phones are reported to have played a role in a number of these incidents, distracting the driver, pedestrian victim, or both. Also mentioned in this uptick in documented deaths, ironically, is a nationwide shift in healthier living. That’s right, all of this outdoor exercise, walking and jogging is leading to more folks being hit by vehicles whilst on-foot. Crazy, no? What else? Even lower gas prices were factored into the equation as low gas prices generally result in more drivers on the roads. What’s the take away? As usual, whether you are on foot or behind the wheel, pay attention while you are out and about.