It’s Prom Season – Have Fun, Be Safe

Tomorrow night is the senior prom for our neighbors around the way at Conestoga High School. We begin by wishing all of the students, families, teachers and staff a safe and happy prom this year. We know that, soon to follow, will be senior and junior proms alike all over the Main Line and Chester County. We know that a good deal of the kids will be in limousines those evenings, but we also know that many will not. Furthermore, many will drive themselves post prom after parties, and after parties and, unfortunately for some, under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Here at the shop, we see the results of bad decisions towed into the lot each and every day. Year in and year out we all read about the tragedies that occur across the US on prom nights and homecoming weekends. Let’s all try to do our part this and every year to encourage the young people in our lives to celebrate safely and if need be, calling a sober friend, parent or Uber driver to get them home in one piece.