March Madness is Coming!

No, we are not talking about the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. We are referring to the craziness that occurs on area roads all throughout the month of March. We have already seen some cars in these past few weeks come into the shop with nasty dents from falling trees and branches as a result of recent storms. Some of these storms have produced wind gusts in excess of 60 mph, not to mention soaking rains to go along with those winds. This is a perfect recipe for falling trees and branches this time of year. Do whatever you can to park away from weak branches during wind storms and certainly drive with caution during times of inclement weather this Spring.

Furthermore, don’t forget that we are “springing clocks ahead” on March 12th. This generally means that the morning of Monday, March 13th will see a few extra fender benders on the roads nationwide. Folks everywhere will be operating with their body clocks off by and hour and there are more documented accidents on Mondays after Daylight Savings Time changes than almost any other days of the year.