New Interlock Law is in Effect in PA

At Conestoga Collision, we do see the most unfortunate results of DUI from time to time and it is never pleasant. Not that there was ever a great reason to operate a motor vehicle under the influence, but, as we have said before, in the age of public transportation, taxis, Uber and Lyft, there are absolutely no excuses for that sort of behavior. So now it is that  requires first-time DUI offenders with a blood alcohol content of 0.10 percent or higher to use ignition interlock systems for at least 12 months. Think of it as a breathalyzer hooked up to a vehicle’s ignition system that prevents the driver from starting if alcohol is detected.

There were 10,256 alcohol-related crashes resulting in 297 deaths and 6,589 injuries in Pennsylvania in 2016, according to the state Department of Transportation. Those numbers are enough to know that something needs to be done. To be fair, the law is not as strict as what Mothers Against Drunk Driving advocates were pushing for. Devices cost about $1000 – $1500 per year for drivers who need them installed. It is also the responsibility of drivers to have this work completed upon sentencing.