See Ya Later, Summer!

Yes indeed, those were school buses you saw on Lancaster, Sugartown, Old Eagle School and other roads throughout Berwyn, Devon, Paoli and Malvern this morning. This morning, the sleepy-eyed children were back standing dutifully at their bus stops waiting with anticipation for the official start of another school year in the Great Valley and T/E School Districts. Their proud parents were, no doubt, celebrating with Irish coffees as the children made their way out of the homes on their way back to nine or so months of glorious, glorious schooling. Next week, families in Radnor will repeat the same process. Regardless of whether you find your 100 days of summer with the kiddos all wrapped up or just about to be, please remember to take extra care on local roads as we move into fall.

Commutes are longer this time of the year as the buses rejoin us on major roads, backstreets and neighborhoods. Kids are out in the mornings, afternoons and evenings making their ways to and from schools, ball fields and bus stops. Inevitably, all of our schedules tend to change a bit this time of the year. So, we offer this reminder as we do every year around Labor Day:  Pack your patience. Give yourself a little extra time in the morning for your commute and a little extra grace for other drivers on congested roads each afternoon and evening.

Finally, we would like to wish all of the students, families and staff a successful 2017-2018 school year at all of the fantastic areas schools!