Interlock Systems for 1st Time DUI Offenders

Yesterday, Gov. Tom Wolf signed a law to take effect in some 15 months which will mandate it so that many first time DUI offenders will have the option of driving with an Interlock system in their vehicle for up to a year as opposed to losing their license outright. The law will not extend to those involved in an accident which led to a fatality. Supporters of the legislation argue that existing interlock laws already on the books in PA for repeat offenders are currently working and cutting down on potential incidents of DUI. Detractors contend that this is just Big Brother extending invasive and high-cost punishments to the accused, while failing to provide a long term solution.

DUI enforcement and punishment have evolved a great deal in the last few decades especially with the influence of groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Though some would contend that no amount of legislation is ever going to satisfy the members of MADD, most of whom have lost loved ones, others are eager to see technology like Interlock play a role in finding solutions to the senseless act of DUI. It seems now with the availability of ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft, the last few remaining excuses have all but dried up for those who choose to drink and drive.