Giving Thanks at Conestoga Collision

We are getting into the holiday spirit here at Conestoga Collision and we can’t wait to spend some time with our family and friends this Thanksgiving. We always like to remind those who are traveling this weekend to pack your patience! You will be carrying precious cargo to and from Grandma’s house, so it is more important to get everyone there safely than to tailgate the person who just cut you off. While we are on the topic of safety, we also want to mention to take advantage of safe transportation if your holiday includes celebrating with adult beverages. With Uber and Lyft at our fingertips, choosing to get your loved ones to their destination safely is always the right way to go.

We want to take this time to thank our customers for your continued support and for being the reason we strive for excellence. Your trust and support is what allows us to grow and expand our business. Additionally, we want to extend our gratitude to our fantastic vendors and partners in the greater Philly area. We are proud to have you on our side!

Our team is second to none and are the reason our shop runs smoothly. We are so grateful to have such a dedicated and knowledgeable team of techs, estimators, and staff. They truly are the best team in the collision and paint industry. Thank you for another successful year and for your continued hard work.

Whether you are going near or far this holiday season, make sure you are taking proper precautions before getting in your vehicle. While we love seeing and serving our customers, our top priority is the safety of you and your family. In the event you do need our services, stop in for a free on-site estimate.