From All of Us Here at Conestoga Collision, Happy Halloween!

Tonight, is one of our favorite nights of the year. After all, we do see some scary collision damage throughout the year, so we certainly are not going to be afraid of some ghosts, gremlins and goblins.

Around this time of year we see an uptick in accidents and there are two main culprits, deer and daylight. We are approaching rutting season, so the deer are on the move looking for food and a mate. You may have already noticed more of them on your daily commute. Make sure to take your time and be prepared to stop in case one of those whacky whitetails decides to make a run for it. The second culprit of higher accident rates during this time of year is daylight, or the lack there of. This weekend we will be changing our clocks back and while we will be getting that extra hour of sleep over the weekend, come Monday we are all effectively released from work and hour later according to our body clocks. On top of that it will also be darker outside, so be sure to take extra caution as you make your way home next week.

We want to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween, especially if you are out on trick-or-treating duty with the little ones. Tonight, as the superheroes, princesses, and monsters knock from door to door, we want to remind everyone to please be careful on your drive home this evening. It is not uncommon for kids to run off into traffic on a normal evening but add some sugar and a spooky mask, and it makes for the perfect storm. Trick-or-treating can start as early as 5PM in some neighborhoods so it is best to take it slow driving home this evening.