Avoiding Accidents Before They Happen

Remember when you were a kid and you’d spill something in the kitchen and mom or dad would tell you that you have to be more careful? Sure, we all earned some of those reactions from parents, especially when we were goofing around or otherwise not paying attention. But, sometimes accidents happen. Right? Small hands and full milk cartons are a bad combination, Daaaaad!

So what about all of that is applicable to your driving habits, your vehicle and your commute in general? Well, take today for example–as we write this, a large winter storm is bearing down on the East Coast and, as usual, we may get somewhere between 2 and 20 inches of snow–and high winds–or not. But, if we all wake up tomorrow with a healthy serving of snow on the ground, our vehicles as well as area roadways, are you as cautious as you can be should you choose to venture out for milk, eggs and bread? Will you clear all of the snow from your vehicle (yes, even the roof) prior to venturing out on the roads? Are your brakes, tires and wipers all in reasonable operating shape? Will you do the speed limit or reduce speed according to road conditions? Will you check a text on your phone as you make your way to the Wawa?

For those of you keeping score, speeding and leaving your vehicle a snowy mess would be considered goofing off, whereas checking your text messages is clearly “otherwise not paying attention.” Hmm. Maybe mom and dad had a point about the milk.

Regarding the rest, your vehicle should always be in proper shape to get you where you need to go. And, the news of an impending winter storm should not be the determining factor regarding when to see your mechanic. That said, if your wipers and brakes are bumming these days, SEE YOUR MECHANIC!

Given the business we are in, it is impossible not to consider to what degree so many of the wrecks we see simply never should have happened if drivers had merely made better decisions behind the wheel. Sometimes, it all comes down to a split second, sure. But, in many cases accidents are a result of the way that some drivers choose to drive all of the time. Yes, it is a choice to tailgate, speed excessively and check texts while driving.

It is our job to fix vehicles that have been damaged as a result of collision. But, safety on the roadways is everyone’s responsibility. Please take time to consider your own driving habits and please be safe out there this weekend.