Got Storm Damage? We Have You Covered!

Lately, we’ve had our fair share of weird, wild and especially windy weather–the kind of weather that brings down trees and limbs. What’s more is we are only at the beginning of the wacky weather season. March still has yet to do it’s “in like a lion” routine. Then we get a bit of a breather before summer’s thunderstorms arrive at our doorstep.

Did you know that damage to your vehicle may be covered by your insurance carrier by comprehensive coverage? Damage caused by something other than a collision is known as comprehensive loss. Breakage of glass, or loss caused by things such as falling objects, fire, theft, windstorm, hail, water, vandalism, riot or civil commotion are often included in this coverage. If you do opt to go through insurance, remember that it is advisable to follow some of the same steps you would as if you were in a collision as it pertains to making a record of the damage. Take pictures. Record the time of day, date, weather conditions and location of your vehicle when the damage occurred. Generally, if you are covered, adjusters will take the same approach to covering the damage as they would if you were in an accident. After all, replacement parts and required labor is not determined based on how the damage got there.

Whether you opt to go through you insurance or pay directly, you can rest assured that the estimators, techs and paint pros at Conestoga Collision are dedicated to returning your vehicle to you in factory-correct condition regardless of what you drive.