Unmatched Customer Service on the Main Line

Late December is a heady time of the year. Everyone is in a not-quite-done-with-the-holidays state mentally. Maybe you gear up to squeeze out a few more drops of holiday spirit and celebrate big for New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s the couch, Netflix and a pizza. All the while, there is a new year just days away. A good time of year to take stock and evaluate what’s in the rearview mirror while making plans for a bigger year, or at least a better one for you and those you love.

Keeping an eye on where you’ve been and where you are going is critical too to the successful operation of a small business. We often have to shake our head in disbelief when we think back over the past decade. Working with a skeleton crew. Dealing with the challenges of space. Growing relationships. The sheer time it took to hire so many of the right people and support them with training and certifications. None of it happened overnight. In a sense, some of those memories seem like a lifetime ago while others feel like they happened last week. In the end, it all goes by in a snap.

The constant, even since the early days, was that we were building something great–something different. Something to be proud of. With that, we have always been hyper focused on quality and endlessly dedicated to delivering the highest degree of customer service. We know when we have done a great job on a repair. But, the repair is not the only part of what we do here. Communication, estimates, interfacing with insurance adjusters, parts vendors and suppliers. The list goes on and on. Great customer service is defined by more than just a correct repair. We’d be just as concerned to learn a customer was unhappy with a repair as if he or she was dissatisfied by the level of communication they had received from our staff. How many businesses do you know who provide a decent product, but it’s a pain to get them to return a phone call or email? To us, that is simply unacceptable.

Raising the Bar Every Day

From our earliest days way back when to a team that has quadrupled in size and a facility that has undergone several expansions, we have maintained that your trust in our work is the most important aspect of running our business successfully. It is a trust that is earned and we do not take it lightly. Our commitment to you is that we will continue to earn the business of each customer as we did our first so many years ago. If you require expert auto body repair on the Main Line, we invite you to get to know Conestoga Collision.