3.5 Million Vehicles Race to Grandma’s House

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, an estimated 3.5 million vehicles will hit the road in PA to go here and there so that we may all be with the people we love (or those whom we will tolerate in exchange for a good meal). That’s a lot of travelers making their way around our state over the next couple days. In addition to recognizing all of the holiday drivers out there, we should also point out that some of them will be intoxicated. The day before Thanksgiving has always been a big night for bars and restaurants and accordingly, a big night for DUI arrests  and vehicle fatalities associated with drivers under the influence. In 2015, it was estimated that over 1/3 of the vehicle fatalities that occurred on Thanksgiving and the Wednesday prior, were a result of DUI.

With all of the people on the road this week, we would like to remind everyone out there to travel with a little bit of patience this Thanksgiving. And wherever you are going, go there safely.

From all of us at Conestoga Collision, we wish you a safe and very Happy Thanksgiving!