You are Verrryyy Sleeeeeepppppyyyyyy!

Well, you are about to be, anyway. No, we are not trying to hypnotize you. We are simply trying to remind you that Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday at 2 AM. Hooray for that extra hour of sleep. There is no doubt that this is one of the best weekends of the year. However, in the week following, we see a significant increase in afternoon and evening fender benders as folks are not so used to leaving work when it is dark out. While it is a joy to effectively rise out of bed an hour later each morning, we must all keep in mind that we are also navigating our way home each evening one our later as well…and so is everyone else!

Want more reason to take it easy on the roadways over the next few weeks? Those leaves that are still currently on the trees are going to join their friends which have recently fallen to the ground. Combined with a couple of chilly, rainy mornings, well you have yourself an exciting drive to work if you are not careful.

Still not scared enough to stay home until April? There are thousands of deer super excited to find a mate and grab a meal before food sources wither up before the snow comes. Oddly, they have little respect for rights of way and common driver-pedestrian courtesies. Be careful as they are plentiful and their coats turn darker this time of year, often making them a bit harder to see against the background of fall foliage.

All of this is much more manageable of course if you slow down and make sure that your brakes and tires are roadworthy. One final note — this Saturday is Halloween. Take it easy on the roads in the afternoon and evening as little ones will be out on their annual march for cavities.