So Long Summer!

We know the weather forecast does not reflect it, but summer is on its way out. Soon we will be waking up to the crisp fall weather and ending the weekends with cozy campfires. You may have noticed a change in your morning commute this week with the fleet of Tredyffrin/Easttown School District buses taking to the road.

Give the Bus Drivers a Brake

We want to take this opportunity to discuss school bus safety so that we can continue to make the roads in our community a safer place. We would like to remind all drivers in the area to slow down when you see school buses throughout the neighborhoods and beyond. Additionally:

  • Give yourself some extra time in the morning so that you are not in a rush during your commute.
  • In the state of Pennsylvania, it is the law to stop at least 10 feet away from school buses that have their lights flashing and stop arm extended.
  • Drivers who are behind the bus, across from the bus, or approaching an intersection where a bus is stopped must come to a complete stop while the bus has its lights flashing and stop arm extended.
  •  If a driver is following or traveling alongside a school bus, they must also stop until the red lights have stopped flashing, the stop arm is withdrawn, and all children have reached safety.
  • The only time a driver does not have to stop for a school bus is if they are in the opposing traffic lanes and there are physical barriers such as grassy medians, guide rails or concrete medians.

Be Aware and Cross with Care

We know that students can be very excited for their first day of school, and for some it may be their first time on a school bus! With that being said, it is so important that students wait until the school bus has stopped all traffic before stepping out onto the road. We know that for some students the adjustment from their summer schedule may make the mornings a little bit difficult, but always remember to not run after the school bus after is has already left the stop because traffic will begin moving

As a business that employs several responsible and dedicated drivers, we would like to give a special recognition to all the school bus drivers in the area who do such a wonderful job getting our kids to and from school, practices, events and more throughout the school year. As we try to soak up every last second of summer this long Labor Day weekend, we want to wish all the students, families, faculty and staff an amazing 2022-2023 school year.