Safety First (Second and Third, too)

Our industry has never been more hyper concerned with safety than it is in 2018, and appropriately so, quite frankly. As we have pointed out previously, there are not a lot of local repair shops that are certified by American Honda Motor Co., ICAR Gold Class certified and show an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. One of the reasons that we are in a position to claim these certifications is through our continuing commitment to safety training and education of our technicians, estimators and support staff.

Why is this so important at our shop and throughout the industry these days? The answer lies in testing by manufacturers, engineers and trusted industry partners including the IIHS. The average gray haired welder has tremendous knowledge and proven skill based on years of success in the shop. That worker is not going to change the way he has been doing his job without good reason. It is incumbent upon leaders in the field to show young and seasoned workers alike that standards are in place to be followed. And if there is a change in the manner in which we repair a vehicle from “the way we’ve been doing it for the last three decades,” it is probably because vehicles have changed a ton over the last three decades. Who better to rely on for the best info on the way forward than the engineers who have been building and testing the new models in the marketplace?

So, if you are wondering why Conestoga Collision has all these funny logos on our website or plaques on the walls of our waiting room, it is because we adopted a forward thinking philosophy years ago. Not all repair shops have and many never will. As you choose a shop to repair your vehicle, we would ask that you consider which shops appear to be ahead of the curve when it comes to your safety.