According to a New AAA Survey, You are Likely Doing Something Bad on the Roads

It’s okay. We already know, so you do not have to be bashful. Just own up to it. Be honest and do your best to curb that behavior as best you can. A recent AAA survey suggests some very concerning trends:

  • The number of drivers who report using a cellphone behind the wheel has jumped 30 percent since 2013.
  • Nearly half (49 percent) of drivers report recently talking on a hand-held phone while driving
  • Nearly 35 percent have sent a text or email.

Of these same folks surveyed:

  • Nearly 58 percent of drivers say talking on a cellphone behind the wheel is a very serious threat to their personal safety
  • Roughly 78 percent believe that texting is a significant danger.

A recent study from the AAA Foundation shows drivers talking on a cellphone are up to four times as likely to crash while those who text are up to eight times as likely to be involved in a crash.

Let’s be clear about something–vehicles have never been as safe as they are today. Anti-lock brakes, collision alerts and better quality systems such as windshield wipers have put us all in a position to be safer and avoid accidents on the road. So why is the collision industry doing just fine with so many accidents per year? The major reason is that drivers cannot help themselves. Distractions are through the roof with the advent of smart phones and media in vehicles. The best way to avoid an accident is to take distractions out of the equation in advance. AAA urges drivers to act responsibly when behind the wheel. In order to avoid distractions, drivers should:

  • Put aside electronic distractions and never use text messaging, email, video games or internet functions, including those built into the vehicle, while driving.
  • Pre-program your GPS and adjust seats, mirrors, climate controls and sound systems before driving.
  • Properly secure children and pets and store loose possessions and other items that could roll around in the car.
  • Snack smart by avoiding messy foods that can be difficult to manage.

Be safe out there folks.