Plan Your Way Home Before You Go Out

Tonight is Thanksgiving Eve, or as many know it, one of the biggest bar nights of the year. Kids home from college know this. Young twentysomethings know this. Old head tow truck guys like us know this. And, your local police department and members of the PA State Police definitely know this too.

No one wants to stand in your way of your plan to celebrate and see old friends, hit the bars and have a good time. But, as witnesses to thousands of working accident scenes, we would humbly submit that you do your level best to plan your way home (while you still have command of your wits and best intentions) prior to going out. Choose Uber or Lyft, taxi or train — as long as you are not intoxicated behind the wheel of a vehicle, we will continue to support your choice to burn the midnight oil on a Wednesday as you make every effort to flirt with that person who spent two semesters ignoring you in 11th grade Biology class.

You can be sure that the men and women in blue will be out with DUI enforcement teams in the form of checkpoints and roving patrols likely through the Thanksgiving weekend. So, be thankful for good choices. Be thankful for your driver’s license. And be thankful for grandma having no idea how hungover you are tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!