Oh, Deer!

Why did the deer cross the road? Well, that is a complex question which requires a thorough examination of any number of contributing factors. One could mention urban expansion and a decline in food sources and habitat. Rutting (the annual mating period wherein deer tend to cover more ground in search of a breeding partner) is certainly cited by many as a factor in a deer’s inclination to cross the road. Maybe it’s all of those deer crossing signs on roadways? Maybe they are seeing those signs as a directive and would otherwise stay put were it not for said signage.

We could posit likely and far less likely theories until the cows come home (so long as those cows obey the road signs), but what is clear is that it’s deer strike repair season here at Conestoga Collision. Whether your commute takes you by or through Valley Forge National Historic Park, Ridley Creek State Park or any other vast tracts of wooded land, you need to be cautious of these four-legged fender foes as you make your way to and from work or school each day. It’s early in the season and we are already beginning to receive the phone calls and see the damage from these incidents.

A few other reminders as we venture further into Fall. First, this Wednesday is Halloween! Please be careful of all of the little ghouls, goblins and superheroes as you make your way home Wednesday evening. It promises to be a warm evening for trick or treating, so the streets may be filled with young ones a bit later than usual. Second, we set the clocks back this weekend. As we do each year, we must remind folks that the Monday following, there is a marked uptick in accidents. This is what happens when we throw everyone’s body clock off at once!

Keep it safe out there and call Conestoga Collision should you run into any of nature’s leaping creatures this Fall.