It’s Thanksgiving at Conestoga Collision

It’s Thanksgiving at Conestoga Collision and we have lots and lots to be thankful for! No shop has better customers or a more dedicated staff than Conestoga and for that we thank all of you who continue to make us the best option for auto body repair in the area.

This Thanksgiving, please remember that the most important aspect to this and any holiday is the family and friends that you’ll be spending it with. The holidays can be a stressful time. If you are going to “take the edge off” with a few adult beverages, we implore you not to drive afterwards. Get a designated driver, a cab, rideshare service or hop on the train. Remember, that in addition to legal fees, court costs and all of the inconveniences that come with getting a DUI (not to mention the dangers that come with driving drunk), you’ll likely get a bill from the tow operator who had to impound your vehicle at the request of the police department that made the arrest. Fees can include towing, storage and admin fees, and frankly, we would just as soon not have to charge anyone for this service if we knew it meant that folks were celebrating all holidays safely as it pertains to their commute home. So, this holiday season, keep your money, keep your license and keep sober if you intend on driving.

We wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing all of you happy and healthy as we wind down 2018!