Is Paintless Dent Repair Right for Your Vehicle’s Dents?

Maybe you are a ‘love-tap’ type parallel parker, or you’re prone to rogue shopping carts hitting your car in grocery store parking lots, regardless Paintless Dent Repair could be a good option for you. Paintless dent repair requires a special tool that works from the inside out to remove dents without the need for a paint job. If you’re someone who often finds dents on their car, then this could be a reasonable alternative to traditional collision repair.

Identifying the Damage

The first step in Paintless Dent Repair is identifying if this method is even right for the damage on your vehicle. If the impact was soft enough to not crack or chip the paint, Paintless Dent Repair is the way to go. If you see that the paint is chipped or cracked, then it is crucial to get your car into the shop immediately. Why? Because if the exposed metal is not fixed quickly and properly the damage can become drastically worse. Not sure if the damage on your vehicle qualifies for Paintless Dent Repair services? You can stop in for a free estimate to find out, no appointment necessary!

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair is a method that approaches the damage from the inside out. The area must first be prepped, cleansing it of any dirt or dust. This will also help us identify if there are any cracks or chips in the paint. At Conestoga Collision, we have fluorescent light boards that create shadows in the dent which tell us exactly where to place the tools on the back side of the dent. Once the area is identified the tools are placed behind the dent and the outer edge of the dent is slowly manipulated until the area bends back to surface level. Once the outer edge of the dent is worked out, the dent gradually shrinks until it eventually disappears.

Why Chose Paintless Dent Repair?

If the damage to your vehicle qualifies for our Paintless Dent Repair services then you will save money, keep your original paint intact, and prevent value loss! Paintless Dent Repair is a fraction of the cost of traditional body work services, making it the more cost-effective choice. Choosing Paintless Dent Repair means keeping your original paint, there’s no need to repair it using this method. When it comes time to trade-in or sell your vehicle, choosing Paintless Dent Repair helps you retain your investment on your vehicle due to the lower repair costs. Comparing Paintless Dent Repair to traditional dent repair, Paintless Dent Repair will get your car looking brand new at a fraction of the cost!

Call us today if you think your vehicle qualifies for Paintless Dent Repair 610-644-1000. Not sure? No Problem! Stop in for a free estimate, no appointment necessary!