Happy Thanksgiving from Conestoga Collision!

All of us here at the shop are getting in the holiday spirit and we could not be more excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends and families this week. We have so much to be thankful for all year round, but the holidays make it all so much more special.

Nothing great comes without a few headaches along the way and we want this Thanksgiving to be great for you! all of the usual folks are suggesting that this year will be one of the busiest ever for travel around the Thanksgiving holiday. Google even went so far as to state that between 3 PM and 4 PM on Wednesday, November 27th (today) will be the busiest time on the roads around major metropolitan areas throughout the US> Whether you are traveling near or far, by air, land or sea, please be mindful of other travelers and, as they say, pack your patience.

As we do prior to most holidays, we would like to remind folks to take advantage of safe transportation should the holiday include celebrating with adult beverages. Uber, Lyft, a SEPTA train –whatever gets you and your loved ones to your destination safely is the right way to go!

As always, we are thankful for you, our great customers, our fantastic vendors and partners in the greater Philly area and of course, our amazing team of pros that make our shop second to none on the Main Line. We hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving holiday this year and we look forward to seeing everyone real soon!