Conestoga Collision Wishes You a Happy Halloween

Bring on the princesses, superheroes and goblins! This year, Halloween may be a little different in your neighborhood. Parents and communities have always found safe and fun ways to make Halloween work for kids and families and 2020 will be no different. We would like to remind folks that the kiddos will be out and about in neighborhoods all over Chester County and the Main Line starting Saturday afternoon and going well past dusk, so do be careful as your make your way around the area this weekend.

Another Hour of 2020?!?

Tee-hee. Yes, the joke has already been made as to Why would anyone want another single hour of 2020? and, yes, we are stealing it. This weekend, Daylight Saving Time ends early Sunday Morning, which is nice because, who does not enjoy another hour of sleep on the weekend? However, it is important to point out that the Mondays that follow the respective beginning and end to Daylight Saving Time happen to mark some of the highest instances of automobile accidents each year. The simple explanation is that, in spring, when we all lose an hour, we are groggier as we venture out onto roadways come Monday morning. In fall, it is such that so many of us are suddenly making our afternoon commute after dusk. Combine all of this with wet leaves, jumping deer and the other usual road hazards of the season and you have a perfect recipe for fender benders. As such, you may want to give other drivers a couple more car lengths come Monday afternoon.

However you choose to celebrate this year, all of us at Conestoga Collision would like to wish everyone a Happy, Spooky and Safe Halloween!