A Note on Driving in Spring Storms

We love spring here at Conestoga Collision. Sure, we suffer through the Delaware Valley pollen bomb like the rest of our neighbors, but it’s tough to complain about 68 degrees and a breeze. Plus, we are actually getting a Spring this year, as opposed to the late winter – early summer transitionary nonsense we’ve been handed by Mother Nature these past few years.

And though there are no snow squalls, patches of black ice, wet leaves or insane deer to contend with, we would like to point out some of the potential dangers of some of the stronger Spring storms we have been getting this year (with another due this evening). Not that the nice folks who do the weather have an unblemished track record of pinpoint prognostication, but when they call for wind gusts of up to 60 miles an hour or pass along news of a Tornado Watch, it means that conditions could get dangerous, especially on the roads.

Recently, there was a storm that rode up the I-95 corridor through this area which produced significant straight-line winds, flash flooding and even spawned a funnel cloud or too before heading up towards North Jersey and out to see. But, here in our area, we did see downed trees and some impassable roadways.

When the weather gets tricky, we recommend driving with a little extgra focus, lowering speeds and maintaining safe distances with other drivers. When the weather gets severe, however, we recommend waiting it out if possible. All of us at Conestoga Collision wish you safe commuting this Spring and all year long!