Windshield Replacement is not a Race

It does not take much time searching the internet to find windshield replacement and auto glass companies, large and small, who are all too eager to make promises regarding how much time it will take to replace your windshield. Ads for one-hour windshield replacement, and websites claiming We’ll get you in and out in no time – repairs can take as little as 30 minutes have become quite commonplace. So, why is Conestoga Collision adamant that windshield replacement is not a race against the clock?

Don’t get us wrong. We always aim for a speedy turn-around time in all of the work we do. But, when the goal is perfection, haste becomes an enemy. Consider this. Many, if not most, windshields nowadays have multiple sensors and advanced functionality ranging from rain and moisture sensors to heads up displays and night vision technology. What are the chances that a tech can:

  • Remove trim, cowl and wipers
  • Remove damaged windshield
  • Clean out any debris and trim down old urethane
  • Prep and Install the new Windshield
  • Reinstall cowl, wipers and mirror
  • Calibrate all sensors to meet safety standards

…in 30 minutes? Safely?

We think that these sales tactics are gimmicky, and potentially dangerous. We contend that if a body shop is going to focus on a goal, it should be the safe, factory-correct repair of the customer’s vehicle. At Conestoga Collision, we feel that the safety of our customers is paramount. With that, we believe that it’s okay if the safe installation of a new windshield takes longer than doing a load of laundry.

If you value excellence and respect our dedication to precision, then we’d like to be your first choice in auto body and glass repair for as long as you’re driving in the communities we serve.