There are no Short Cuts

There are thousands of pathways to failure. Yet, there are only a few roads to success. As we’ve always preached, success is simply a result of doing the right things every day. When we talk about success, we are not talking about money or power. We are talking about a job done right. A successful repair job, to us, is one that is factory correct, tested to standard, safe to return to the customer and road-ready for them to go on their way. Anything other than that is not a successful repair in our books.

So, when we have insurance companies trying to tell us which parts we should use or what scans we should and not perform to ensure your safety, you can imagine that we get a little hot under the collar. We get it. Some of the methods being recommended by car manufacturers for repair to newer tech like cameras and sensors require pre and post repair scans. this aspect of a repair job is as new to the industry as the technology itself. But, the hesitation by certain large insurers to cover these necessary scans is troubling to us, especially when their job is to “have you covered”.

At Conestoga Collision, we feel that proper coverage would pay for the repair done the right way. That said, whether you are using insurance to pay for your repair or you are handling things through insurance, you can count on our team to take the exact same approach. We strive only for precision and excellence, and we are comfortable in knowing that the road to success has no short cuts.