Teen Driving Fatalities Spike in the Summer Months

We suppose it is no surprise that teen driving fatalities spike 26% in the summer months. During this time of the year, it is more likely that teens are spending time with friends and therefore driving with more passengers in their vehicles than on an average day in fall or winter. More passengers equals more opportunities for distraction. Teens generally stay out later during the summer months as parents are less restrictive regarding curfews. And of course, there are generally more opportunities for teens to partake in alcohol and/or drugs during this off time than they might during the school year.

We all know know the reasons why these 100 days of summer are more dangerous for our kids on the roads than the other 265 days of the year. But, what are we doing about it? At Conestoga Collision, we see the consequences and aftermath everyday of poor decision making on the roads. We urge parents to be clear about the rules of the road with teens. And though summer is almost over, Fall is not exactly that safe either for our teens on the roadways. Wet leaves, deer and homecoming weekends lead to nasty wrecks every year in Chester County and along the Main Line.

We urge everyone to enjoy the rest of the summer safely with their families and if you have a teen, please talk with them about responsible driving.