Summer, is that You?

This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer because no one is waiting until the third week of June to grill a burger or two. As we have for many years, we would like to remind folks of AAA’s ongoing awareness campaign, “100 Deadliest Days.” Yes it is a bit jarring to read and that is frankly the point. The time between Memorial Day and Labor day (roughly 100 days) constitutes a span of time that proves far more deadly for teens on the road each year. Lots of factors go into this from more time with friends, later nights, more time out of school and other controlled environments, etc. The bottom line is that parents can do a lot to model safe driving habits for teens. Remember, kids watch your behavior from a young age. They will model driving behaviors when it comes time for them to take the wheel.

This also marks the beginning for the summer driving season. Even with gas prices on the rise, AAA is predicting more folks will hit America’s roads this year than in recent years. This combined with seasonal construction may lead to frustration out on the roads and highways. Be sure to pack the patience this summer season and remember that we all have somewhere to be.

Summer is a fantastic time to get away, grab time with family and friends and relax. All of us at Conestoga Collision hope you are able to get the most out of your summer and encourage you to keep it safe out on the roads.