Seatbelts are Good for your Health

Each year in Pennsylvania, about 85,000 people are injured in car accidents. About 1200 folks die each year in car accidents. Amazingly enough, after all of the education and information out there about seatbelts saving lives and police enforcement programs such as “Click it or Ticket,” there are tons of people who still do not use a seatbelt. Of those in accidents, roughly 80% are confirmed to have worn a belt at the time of the crash. However, of those who died as a result of an accident, over 50% were confirmed in a recent DOT study to have been driving or riding WITHOUT wearing a seatbelt.

Bottom line is that, though it is not a guarantee that a seatbelt or airbag will save your life in a crash, however it dramatically increases your chances of survival. Buckle up, folks!