Reason #5024 Not to Drink and Drive

Everyone knows that it is very dangerous to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. This is not news. Alcohol reduces reaction time, adversely affects decision making and can also inhibit vision and balance. Accidents that result from DUI are in the thousands across the US year in and year out. Most of us know someone or know of someone who was killed or severely injured as a result of a DUI crash.

Still yet, tonight, tomorrow night and the night after that, folks will take to the roads inebriated. If the first several thousand reasons not to drink and drive have yet to hit home with you, allow us at Conestoga Collision to offer one more. Currently the PA House and Senate are fast tracking legislation that would call for mandatory installation of an interlock system on all vehicles owned by anyone convicted of a DUI where .10 BAC was present. In PA, you can be charged with DUI at .08, so this is not too far up from there. For some folks, this is about four or five drinks. Lots of people thought that only those who end up on the news going the wrong way down the Blue Route with a .35 BAC were going to be subject to this. Nope. It’s going to be a whole lot more folks than first assumed. First timers, too. Yes, this legislation is not simply going after 2nd and 3rd time offenders.

This is well supported legislation that will likely pass unopposed. As such, for the 5024th time, please don’t drink and drive.

Thank you.