No One is Going Anywhere on Ice

All week there have been images all over the news shows from Atlanta of tied up highways and travelers stranded due to icy roads. Of course they also have to show the obligatory shots of cars sliding sideways down a hill into a median, pole or another vehicle. Always a good time as long as no one is seriously injured. Sometimes, there is nothing we can do about it. Roads ice up unexpectedly and we are caught out on the road and we hope that there are only icy spots with which we must contend. However, every great once in a while roads are covered completely in ice. Period. It is like a skating rink. In such instances, remember this one thing:  You are not going anywhere.  It won’t matter that you have four wheel drive and traction control. It’s ice, folks.

Once again, for the remainder of the winter, we invite all of you to travel safely and give each other plenty of room on the roads out there.