More Driving Laws Being Discussed in the PA Legislature

Lawmakers are going to try to make laws. That is what they do. There are a few more laws that the Pennsylvania legislature is currently discussing that may impact how we all operate on the roads in years to come.

Though most of the laws being discussed center around more regulation and restriction, the one that does not seem to would be a repeal of the registration sticker for license plates. There is discussion about going paperless (stickerless) after 2017. Opponents contend that this would remove a valuable tool for law enforcement. This is to say that police often pull over drivers who have expired stickers and then often find that those drivers have also broken some other rules (outstanding warrants, DUI, etc.)

Another interesting law up for discussion currently centers around the implementation of speed cameras in work zones. Proponents contend that this would improve safety for the thousands of workers on PA roads year in and year out. Those who question such implementation cite red light cameras in the Philadelphia area that are no longer profit positive several months after being installed. On the subject of these cameras, in Maryland still yet more folks have recently questioned the constitutionality of receiving a ticket in the mail from what is essentially a third party business (as opposed to the State or municipality).

Stay tuned as these decisions are generally ruled on or passed over by October. Should be an interesting close of session before November elections.