In PA, Steer Clear Means Move Over

This past week, a tow truck driver was struck when standing next to his truck in the Poconos. It happened on the left hand shoulder of I-80, and the driver of the assaulting vehicle did not bother to stop. Across the country, many states have adopted “move over” legislation which protects emergency workers, first responders and, in Pennsylvania, also extends to drivers of tow trucks and recovery vehicles. In short (from

The state of Pennsylvania has their version of that same law, and it’s called “Steer Clear.” The law enacted in PA requires drivers who are approaching a standing emergency vehicle with visible flashing lights and that is traveling in the same direction they are to move over to the closest lane if it is safe to do so. You must adhere by this law even when you are approaching tow trucks and recovery vehicles. If you are unable to “move over,” then you are required to slow down to a speed safe for road, weather and traffic conditions.

Drivers who fail to obey these laws, in addition to putting the safety of other in unnecessary danger can also face fines of up to $250. The bottom line is that we all have an opportunity to make things safer for one another on the roads. This one is super easy.