Cooling Out on the Roads This Summer

This weekend marks what many consider to be the unofficial start of summer and it is a time in which many of us begin venturing out on local roads, highways and byways for day trips, beach vacations and the like. Summertime tends to be a bit of an oddball and sometime dangerous season on roads in our area. We say this for a number of reasons. First off, it is the season of road construction. Living in the Delaware Valley, you may feel that almost all roads are constantly in a state of repair or construction. To be fair, in the summer months, we see an increase in projects because the weather makes it easier for crews to complete smaller projects. Also, without any buses on the road, it is not as much of a burden to the rest of us commuters to deal with a work zone here or there. Accordingly, be sure to be patient as you encounter such work zones this summer for the safety of all involved.

Summer also tends to bring out the wild side in all of us. The polar opposite of the Winter Blues. For some folks it is 100 miles an hour with their hair on fire. People may stay out later, go out more often and potentially take part in riskier behaviors during this time of the year. This has been proven over and over again especially as it relates to the younger drivers in our families. This is why AAA Mid Atlantic continues to raise awareness of the 100 Deadliest Days which refers to the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day when the instances of vehicular fatalities increases among teens. Later nights, high speeds, drugs and alcohol all factor into the uptick in accidents among this group of drivers. Be sure to talk with your teen driver about the importance of staying safe behind the wheel this summer.

Furthermore, it is an opportunity for all of us to heed such advice. Summer should be a time for all of us to relax and enjoy our time with family and friends. If you find yourself getting a little heated out there on the road this summer, it may be best to just cool out.