Collision Repair Shops vs. Auto Repair Shops. What’s the Difference?

Knowing the difference between collision repair shops and auto repair shops can help you decide where to bring your vehicle. The type of shop you bring your vehicle to is determined by what the issue is.

 A collision repair shop, also known as an auto body shop, repairs damage to the exterior of the vehicle. You should bring your vehicle to a collision repair shop if it needs:

  • repairs after a major or minor collision
  • repairs to remove dents in the sheet metal
  • replacements for bumpers, damaged body panels and other components that are not part of the engine
  • repairs and replacements to the glass

An auto repair shop performs regular maintenance and repairs moving parts. You should bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop if it needs:

  • brake replacements
  • replacements to parts that wear out during normal driving
  • oil changes
  • repairs to engine components that wear out or become damaged during use
  • repairs to other moving components of the vehicle

Sometimes it can be hard to determine what type of shop to bring your vehicle to. A good rule of thumb is a collision or auto body repair shop deals with exterior damage and an auto repair shop performs regular car maintenance and can fix or replace moving parts. Here at Conestoga Collision, we provide services in collision repair, aluminum body repair, paintless dent repair and auto glass replacement. Visit us for a free, on-site estimate. Call (610) 644-1000 to schedule an appointment today!