Celebrating 5 Years I-CAR Gold Class

At Conestoga Collision, we did not become your first choice in auto body repair overnight. We had to tool up and train up for years to be able to deliver the highest quality collision repair on the Main Line. This commitment to continuing education and expansion in tech grows stronger every year.

This December marks our five year anniversary of being recognized as an I-CAR Gold Class Collision Repair Business. You will be hard-pressed to find many other shops in our area that have been I-CAR Gold Class as long as Conestoga Collision has. I-CAR is a not-for-profit training organization founded by the collision repair industry and dedicated to consumer safety. Their existence, frankly, shows that members of the collision repair industry knew that there was a need, for years, to qualify the best of shops in industry, offering an opportunity to differentiate the highest quality shops from the rest of the pack. Like a lot of industries, ours had a stigma for decades of having its fair share of shady operators. For those of us that do business on a foundation of integrity, it was frustrating when consumers had no way to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys. Organizations like I-CAR (and the Gold Class designation) are just some of the ways that consumers are able to understand which shops are investing in their craft and which shops simply are not.

To earn Gold Class recognition, shops must achieve and maintain a high level of role-relevant training across each of the major collision repair roles. This training extends to skills and duties including estimating, welding, mechanical, electrical, structural and non-structural as well as other related protocols. In every industry, there are designations and certifications that businesses can pay for so as to decorate their walls with plaques and throw some logos up on their website. I-CAR Gold Class recognition is the real deal. It is the signifier of quality in our industry.

Here at the shop, we are never going to stop exploring opportunities to better our craft in an effort to deliver the highest quality collision repair money can buy. We invite all of you to stay tuned to this website, as well as our Facebook, Linked in and Instagram accounts to stay up to date as we continue pushing ourselves while raising the bar for excellence here on the Main Line.