AAA’s 100 Deadliest Days Have Begun

Now that you have read the title, know that things don’t get much more cheery from here. AAA’s 100 Deadliest Days refers to the days from late spring through the end of summer wherein teen drivers are driving more, driving later into the evening and ultimately dying and causing more death from behind the wheel. It is this time of year when we routinely hear some downright sobering statistics from AAA and other agencies regarding teen driving. Experts are saying this year that, while teen driving deaths are down overall due to nationwide restrictions on teen driving times and passenger quotas, for every teen that dies behind the wheel, two other drivers or passengers are killed. This is to say that the teen drivers themselves only account for 4 out of 10 deaths that occur in accidents caused by teens.

What does all of this mean? Much like everything else with young folks, talk to your teed driver about safety behind the wheel and the consequences of taking risks on the road. Texting, Drinking, Drugs and distractions from passengers are all risk factors that tend to affect teen drivers the most. Be sure that your teen is aware of ways to avoid those risks and mature enough to deal with the responsibility that comes with operating a vehicle without supervision.